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2002, Vol. 3, No. 3, pp. 375
VOLUME 3, 2002
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The following list contains the names of all reviewers who were assigned manuscripts and returned their reviews during the period November 2001 until October 2002. The list includes not only reviewers of work published in Volume 3, but also all those who were involved in the review process during the above period, including accepted, rejected, and still under review or revision manuscripts. Within parentheses, the numbers of assigned and returned reviews are shown.

I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude to all reviewers for their valuable, professional and timely reviews. Also, I thank all authors of published and unpublished work, as well as the readers of CERAPIE.

Georgios Tsaparlis

R. Cervellati, University of Bologna, Italy. (2)

P.E. Childs, University of Limerick, Ireland. (1)

M. Demertzis, University of Ioannina, Greece. (1)

P. Demertzis, University of Ioannina, Greece. (1)

I.N. Demetropoulos, University of Ioannina, Greece. (1)

C. Furio, University of Valencia, Spain. (1)

M. Gagan, Open University, UK. (1)

F. Garafalo, Massachusetts College of Pharmacy & Health Sciences, USA. (1)

R.M. Janiuk, Maria Curie-Sklodowska University, Poland. (2)

O. De Jong, Utrecht University, The Netherlands. (2)

A.H. Johnstone, University of Glasgow, UK. (8)

P. Karafiloglou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (3)

M. Karayannis, University of Ioannina, Greece. (2)

R. Kempa, University of Keele, UK. (3)

C. Larcher, Institute National de Recherche Pedagogique, France. (1)

A. Michaelides, University of Ioannina, Greece. (1)

A. Mikropoulos, University of Ioannina, Greece. (1)

P. Mirone, University of Modena, Italy. (2)

M. Niaz, Universidad de Oriente, Venezuela. (6)

A.L. Petrou, University of Athens, Greece. (1)

N. Reid, University of Glasgow, UK. (8)

M. Sigalas, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece (1)

H.J. Schmidt, University of Dortmund, Germany. (3)

D. Stamovlasis, University of Ioannina, Greece. (3)

H. Stavridou, University of Thessaly, Greece. (1)

K.S. Taber, University of Cambridge, UK. (8)

D. Tsaousis, University of Ioannina, Greece. (1)

S. Tzouwara-Karayianni, University of Ioannina, Greece. (1)

A. Varvoglis, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece. (2)

G. Varvounis, University of Ioannina, Greece. (1)

R.G. Wallace, The Nottingham Trent University, UK. (1).

U. Zoller, Haifa University - Oranim, Israel. (6)




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