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2000, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 183-185

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[N.B. All those interested, please read carefully. In practice, most authors do not conform to guidelines; this causes extra work and delay]

Authors of original manuscripts who would like their work to be considered for publication in CERAPIE, are invited to submit their manuscripts as follows:

  1. Papers must be original. They should not have been published or submitted for publication elsewhere, and must be concerned with research in science and chemistry education or the classroom practice of chemical education. In the case of papers on the practice of chemistry education, priority will be given to papers that are based on the findings of science and chemistry education research, as can be judged from references to related bibliography
  2. Language of the manuscripts must be either English or French. An abstract and a list of key words in English is required in all cases (plus an abstract and key words in French if the language of the paper is French).
  3. Texts should be written in readable language, without grammatical and spelling errors that may inhibit comprehension. If necessary, please consult a person with good command of the language. This is a very important issue, because manuscripts written by non-native speakers are often poor as far as language is concerned. Note that we do not demand a perfect use of the language, but expect contributions to be in a form that can be understood and easily be corrected/improved by reviewers.
  4. To ensure an objective evaluation of the manuscripts, all new submissions (apart from manuscripts of papers presented in the 5th ECRICE) will be reviewed anonymously. Authors then are requested not to mention in two copies of the manuscripts their names or the place and country of origin. Self-references should be made as follows: Author (a) has found that / It has been reported that (Author, b). In the references for journal articles, only the name of the journal must be mentioned. The names of the conferences should not be given. For books, only the publisher must be mentioned.

    Author (a). Science Education.
    Author (b). Paper presented in International Conference.
    Author (c). Book. Wiley.
    Author (d). Chapter in book with collected papers. New York: Wiley.
    In the same spirit, references to national publications (journals or books) should be made as follows: Article in (e.g.) Greek; Book (in Greek); Paper presented in Conference (in Greek).
    N.B. One copy of the manuscript must be complete with authors' names and full references.
  5. CERAPIE is not a profit-making publication. All cost so far (that is, for papers that were presented in the 5th ECRICE) is covered by the revenues of the 5th ECRICE. To sustain this publication, authors of future papers (that were not presented in the 5th ECRICE) will have to cover part of the cost, by paying a publication fee. The fee will be US$ 5.00 per published page, with a minimum of US$ 20.00 We repeat that authors of papers that were presented in the 5th ECRICE will not have to pay such a fee, since that fee is considered to be part of their registration fee for the Conference. Payment of the publication fee must be made immediately after authors are notified about acceptance of their paper.
  6. Please submit the manuscript in triplicate, plus a diskette containing the same text as word for PC file, to the following address:
    Dr. Georgios Tsaparlis (for CERAPIE);
    Department of Chemistry, University of Ioannina, GR-451 10 Ioannina, Greece.

   • Page size: Standard A4.
   • Margins: All 2.54 cm, justified.
   • Leave the top four lines of page 1 blank.
   • Font: Times New Roman, size 12 (except the title: size 13, the abstract, key words, acknowledgments and address for correspondence, plus figures and tables: size 11).
   • Line spacing: DOUBLE throughout.
   • The abstract should not exceed 200 words.

Please see published papers in CERAPIE for the format and style of the text, the figures and tables, and the references. Manuscripts that deviate from these guidelines, format and style will be not be put in the review process, but authors will be notified to conform to the guidelines and resubmit their manuscripts.

Together with the manuscript, please fill in and send the forms on the following page (See full PDF text).




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